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  1. Marianna Tsionki (b. 1980, Athens) is a curator and educator currently based in Manchester. She holds a BA in Multimedia Design from Huddersfield University and an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths University of London. She is a PhD candidate in Curatorial Practice at the Manchester School of Art investigating the role of the curatorial in knowledge production, and ways that cultural institutions can incororate research-led modes of production. Her research examines contemporary discourses at the intersection of art, architecture & technology focusing on spatial production, climate change, eco-aesthetics and migration. 

    Tsionki has initiated a number of successful new commissions and exhibitions including Ho Tzu Nyen's The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia Volume 10: N for NamelessCheng Ran's Diary of a Madman - Manchester Plan (2019), Miao Ying's Love's Labor's Lost (2019), MAP Office's Liquid Land | Solid Sea (2017) as well as Meteorological Mobilities Apexart, NYC (2020), A Cinematic Museum of the Everyday at Next Mixing, Shanghai (2019), Future Cities at CFCCA (2019), Chinternet Ugly at CFCCA (2019), Aquatopia at CFCCA (2018), Digital Matters at CFCCA (2017), Polyrhythmia at Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, (2017).  As an independent curator she has organised exhibitions, performances, talks, conferences, film screenings and roundtable discussions.