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    Metereological Mobilities (May 2020) Apexart, New York

    Cheng Ran - Diary of a Madman, Manchester Plan (Oct 2019), CFCCA, Manchester 

    Future Cities (August 2019), CFCCA, Manchester 

    A Cinematic Museum of the Everyday (March 2019) Next Mixing Gallery, Shanghai

    Chinternet Ugly (February 2019) CFCCA, Manchester 

    Aquatopia (July 2018) CFCCA, Manchester 

    Digital Matters (November 2017) CFCCA, Manchester

    Polyrhythmia (November 2017) The Great Medical Disaster, Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, Manchester

    Technologizing Throw-Away Culture (April 2017) Whitechapel, London

    Modus Operandi (November 2016) Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester

    The Industrial Road Project: Guangzhou. An Institute of Urban Dreaming Temporary Research Space. (September 2015) CFCCA, Manchester.

    Ting-Tong Chang. Clockwork Dreams (July 2015) CFCCA, Manchester. 

    Micro Micro Revolution (July 2015) CFCCA, Manchester. 

    Clemens Wilhelm’s exhibition Simulacra (April 2015) CFCCA, Manchester.

    Kao Chung-li’s solo exhibition The Man with the Film Projector (April 2015) Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck University of London. 

    [UN] Known (March 2013) Goldsmiths University of London. 


    Symposium: 'Transcultural Research and Curatorial Practice' (May 2019) The Whitworth, Manchester

    Symposium: 'Digital Matters' (November 2017) University of Salford, Manchester

    Lecture Performance: Dani Ploeger, Retired Cybernetic Organism #2, (September 2016), CFCCA, Manchester

    Symposium: ‘Transcultural Landscapes on Art and Ecology’ (July 2015) The Whitworth, Manchester

    Panel Discussion: ‘An introduction to Micro Micro Revolution’ (June 2015) Tate Modern, London

    Academic forum: ‘Crisis and the European Union’ (March 2014) Goldsmiths University of London

    Panel discussion: ‘A conversation on the institutionalisation of protest’ (March 2013), Goldsmiths University of London