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  1. A Cinematic Museum of the Everyday

    Next Mixing Gallery, Shanghai, 30 March - 25 May 2019 

    This exhibition is a reflection on the idea of A Cinematic Museum of the Everyday.  It is part of an ongoing research project, A Cinematic Musée Imaginaire of Spatial Cultural Differences[CineMuseSpace] that proposes to enlarge upon Malraux's idea of the Musée Imaginaire(imaginary museum) to display, compare, contrast and communicate a novel understanding of cultural differences through an analysis of cinematic spaces.  Key to the CineMuseSpaceconcept is the construction of a cinematic spatial cultural ontology that focuses on similarities and differences between films from China & Japan as well as Europe & the USA.  Shanghai is a focal point of the Chinese cinematic imaginary and there could hardly be a better venue if we also consider its historic multicultural past with the foreign concessions.  This exhibition is based on a novel concept and for the first time we are here exploring what a Cinematic Musée Imaginaire might look like.  

    In an increasingly globalized world, there is an undeniable ‘flattening effect’ of the digital world on our built environment and it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish any one global city from another.  By contrast, this exhibition aims to counter some of the negative effects of globalization by contributing to a greater level of understanding and engagement amongst different cultures, by juxtaposing the cultural elements deeply embedded in the cinematic image.  Our similarities and differences have to be acknowledged, revealed and celebrated!