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    Aquatopia (July 2018) CFCCA, Manchester 

    Digital Matters (November 2017) CFCCA, Manchester

    Polyrhythmia (November 2017) The Great Medical Disaster, Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, Manchester

    Technologizing Throw-Away Culture (April 2017) Whitechapel, London

    Modus Operandi (November 2016) Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester

    The Industrial Road Project: Guangzhou. An Institute of Urban Dreaming Temporary Research Space. (September 2015) CFCCA, Manchester.

    Ting-Tong Chang. Clockwork Dreams (July 2015) CFCCA, Manchester. 

    Micro Micro Revolution (July 2015) CFCCA, Manchester. 

    Clemens Wilhelm’s exhibition Simulacra (April 2015) CFCCA, Manchester.

    Kao Chung-li’s solo exhibition The Man with the Film Projector (April 2015) Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck University of London. 

    [UN] Known (March 2013) Goldsmiths University of London. 


    Symposium: 'Digital Matters' (November 2017) University of Salford, Manchester

    Lecture Performance: Dani Ploeger, Retired Cybernetic Organism #2, (September 2016), CFCCA, Manchester

    Symposium: ‘Transcultural Landscapes on Art and Ecology’ (July 2015) The Whitworth, Manchester

    Panel Discussion: ‘An introduction to Micro Micro Revolution’ (June 2015) Tate Modern, London

    Academic forum: ‘Crisis and the European Union’ (March 2014) Goldsmiths University of London

    Panel discussion: ‘A conversation on the institutionalisation of protest’ (March 2013), Goldsmiths University of London